Various webmasters toolbox options.

Webmasters tool are tools that are initiated by enthusiasts or companies that want to attract (and influence) a large number of Internet users, and have an ambitious project to post as much information and “cataloging” as possible.

In order to judge the quality and impartiality (always imperfect) of a thematic portal, it is useful to know who developed it (private person, company?), What choice of sites he offers and by what criteria he sorts sites. If the site rating seems unclear, biased or careless, exit by running this portal and find another! In general, these sites also offer constant ratings of Internet providers of these sites. To track them, you need the add tracking tool or autoresponder.

How to find a portal site on a topic of interest to you? There is no specific method. You can find it in a search engine or catalog, in a news article or in good advice from a friend.

Google Webmaster Tools is a relevant and easy-to-use tool for publishers seeking to optimize the SEO of their web pages. From crawling pages by robots to analyzing keywords, the quality / number of backlinks and page positioning: it analyzes a variety of critical SEO parameters to improve the visibility of the Internet site on Google.

Screaming Frog, available for Mac and PC, audits the site, its links, images, CSS and scripts to determine metrics useful for indexing and SEO. In addition to the HTTP errors detected during the scan, the tool will also cause missing, duplicated, or too long Title, H1, or H2 tags. The binding of the found links and their possible attribute nofollow is indicated.

Note. You can check the connection with internet speed checker.

Traffic Analyzer analyzes incoming links from any website. Its internal metrics, citation flow metric, and confidence metric are often cited by optimizers to evaluate the quality of the website and its outbound links. Built on hundreds of billions of crawled URLs, the service is regularly updated and often offers new features.

An audit is useless on its own if you do not apply its recommendations. So always keep in mind that there should be a budget after it (financial or time / person). This audit can be carried out by the client or the service provider (agency, freelancer, etc.).

The key to success is being able to analyze all aspects of SEO without forgetting about anything, and then be able to prioritize the importance of each problem. This is often the moment that can cause most problems. In this guide, we will take a detailed look at all the aspects that should be addressed during the natural link audit. It really covers all possible brakes and levers for improvement.

In order to get a perfect internet speed checker result, you need to make sure that only one device is still connected to the router with which the correct speed test will be carried out. All other devices (including televisions and IP phones) must be turned off during measurement.

The connection starts with the network card of your computer and ends with yellow gigabit Ethernet connections to the router. Speedtest indicates the data rate useful for transmitting http, respectively. Web With a speed profile of 1 Gbit / s, the useful data transfer rate is approximately 930 Mbit / s, since address data, protocol data and amendment amendments are also transmitted along with the data. useful. These additional data can be compared with the box when sending the parcel. Although only the contents of the data are of interest to the recipient, the field is necessary for the transport of goods. As for the useful data rate, it is sometimes called the net data rate compared to the original data rate, which indicates the base line speed.

This is really a tool that can be used without moderation. Thanks to the Internet for inventing it! The search engine searches for you, using the keywords you entered, on all sites and forums that it knows about. Research can effectively apply to both sites and forum posts. Thus, we can search for words, expressions, photos, pictures, MP3 / audio files, video files. The more accurate your keywords are, the more effective your search will be. The problem is that the search result may contain thousands of web pages belonging to hundreds and thousands of sites. Even if the first ones are the most relevant or the most recent compared to the keywords that were entered or that are most often accessed, it may take time and a few pages to read before the drop occurs. to the information you were looking for.