The Role of Web Page Design in Web Development and Web Marketing

Designing a web page in terms of the target audience, type of audience or purpose is very crucial to get the desired effect in terms of usability. It is very important to understand the entire concept of web designing before actually designing a web page. You have to keep in mind that your website should be unique in every sense.


These design principles will surely help webmasters improve the usability of a site and at the same time create awe-inspiring designs. Simple is always the best. The more over-used website might not work well for a layman. Keeping your design simple so that the users can easily find their way around and also can feel that it is extremely easy-to-use.


The buttons are usually placed in the center of the screen in a way that it becomes the focal point for the screen. This way, the visitors will be able to see where they should click and what they should do after they have clicked on the buttons. In some cases, you can place the buttons in different positions in order for the visitor to browse through the options that you provide.


Most designers tend to forget that usability and visual design go hand in hand with each other.

While usability focuses on the overall functionality of the web page design, visual design reflects how the page appears to the viewers. It mainly includes items such as fonts, colors, images, video and background. The use of buttons, font, colors and other visual design elements play a major role in the overall appeal of the web page design.


Usability refers to the ease and effectiveness of navigating the web page design to the users. Usability is an important factor because without it, the visitors will not find it easy to navigate. In this case, the usability focuses on the visual designs as well as the elements that guide the users to the desired locations. Another factor that is an essential component in web page design is navigation. With good navigation, the visitors will be able to find the information they need with ease. This will increase the level of engagement and productivity among the audience.


The layout or the structure of web pages should not only be attractive but also consider the objectives of the company. You may include some drop-downs or side panels in your web design tips so that the information provided by you can be easily viewed and understood by the viewers. You may also consider providing a navigation bar so that the contents being displayed will be easier to view. The arrangement of the content should follow some logical steps so that there will be minimal user confusion.


The visual hierarchy in web page design is very important – board portal.

Visual hierarchy is an important element in any web page layout because it helps the viewers to identify the different parts of the web page by using headings or labels. You can apply visual hierarchy by using a good idea of the main content and then providing related details or objects at the different levels of the hierarchy. This will help the viewers to browse through the content easily and find the object that they are looking for. For example, the first level might contain the heading ‘Home’, the second level might contain the sub-headings ‘Books’ and the third level could contain the sub-headings ‘How to Use Amazon Kindle’, and finally, the fourth level could contain the sub-heading commands’.


The content strategy plays an important role in web page design. Content strategy refers to the decisions and the strategies that you will adopt to put the content on your web pages. This content strategy is very important because this will define the theme and the general tone of your site. The content strategy will define how you want your visitors to navigate through your website because it will specify the position of each of the content elements, the size of every element, the color scheme, and other visual features that your visitors will be able to see when they visit your website. A good content strategy will help you to gain the interest and the loyalty of your visitors.